About Us


   Uganda is located in northeast Africa and its the Pearl of Africa. It is known for its lakes and mountainous landscapes, tea plantations, healthy populations of most wild beasts, as well as a large group of endangered silverback mountain gorillas. Mbale presents another picture. Wars, AIDS, terrorists, a high birth rate, corrupt government, and unplanned urbanization have all contributed to the collapse of the countrys covenant with its children.

Out of a total population of 40 million people in Uganda, more than 7 million are orphans and vulnerable children. Many of these abandoned, homeless, sick, war-ravaged, addicted, hungry, terrified children come from their villages to Mbale City, hoping to find work or relief from the deplorable conditions they have left behind. But soon the harsh realities become clear, as very young children, left to their resources, have to forage for food and keep themselves safe from drugs, disease, and predators.


To transform lives of the children, educate, nature them, and explore their gifts and talents to be an inspiration to the world.

To revive hopes of the unprivileged, at-risk and disadvantaged children through music, education, sports, vocational skills, providing them with a home, protection and instilling hope to create reliable and a self-sustaining citizen.

Organization Strategy

In order for the objectives of the project to be implemented the Board of the Directors for Delight Foundation Africa has designed the following strategy: Resource mobilization.
The planned activities of the organization can be achieved when various resources are obtained. TheBoard focuses on the following;

☻Human resources: The project needs to be run by the qualified staff that possessesskills and talents, which is useful for the Organization .The staff needed includeManagers, social workers, church leaders, officers, learners, cooks and watchmen.In building construction of the project, there is need for masons, architects, paintersand decorators. The Board have made a plan to recruit the personal at differentstages when need arises and resources are obtained. 

$ Money: The Board needs to rise funding in different ways in order for thisFoundation to take off

▲Materials: The Project requires a variety of materials including building materialssuch as cement, sand, stones, timber, water, metal pieces, and iron sheets. There isneed for training materials and craft raw materials.

◙ Equipment: The Organization requires equipment ranging from that used in buildingconstruction workers, office, and kitchen for cooking and the necessary compoundcleaning, Vocational skills tools and for workshop use.

2. Land .The construction and eventual establishment of the centre requires asizeable piece of land, that is on addition to the already acquire piece of land, that ispurposely for the future expansion.

3. The Board has designed a schedule for activities to include management meeting,staff recruitment, contracting Engineers, constructions, recruitment of children whowill benefit from the centre programmes, designing training manuals for vocationalskills training scheme, finally monitoring and evaluation of the project programs