Date: 09/26/2021 11:41 a.m.

Light To The Impoverished


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DELIGHT FOUNDATION AFRICA is NGO registered and recognized by the Government of Uganda. It is an Organization inclined towards promoting and bettering the at risk lives of vulnerable youth and children regardless of their places of origin. Those compromised youths and children include the orphans, the homeless, disadvantaged, those below the poverty line, the stree

The organization up to date has harbored and taken care of over 300 children through the various child centered programs that it put up since commencement of its works.

It has patterned with various other Organizations like the TESO Organization, the NGO FORUM and Police through its Family and child protection unite and still looking forward to local and international linkages in order to successfully reach its mission and objectives

DELIGHT FOUNDATION AFRICA through the various programs like rehabilitation program had brought together the above groups of children and facilitated them with skills like Art and craft, Agriculture, learning English, literacy and math among others to equip them with basics of life.

The reconciliation and resettlement has restored over 80 children back to their families through tracing their origin and advising them accept go back. Most of those are the street children who have not only been reconciled with their families but also given basic materials like blankets, mattresses, books, mosquito nets to help them have a health start to a new life.

The Organization extends health care services to the its children at home this is teaching them basic hygiene, sexual health, proving health bathing needs, mosquito nets among others.

Additionally the psycho social care and support services call it counseling are being carried out by the Organization. This includes advising the children about the problems they force and encourage them to think positive in every condition. This is done at individual, or group basis almost daily.

At least every year, Communities are cleaned and needy families are attended to through providing them with the basics of life like food, soap, clothes among other in the community outreach program.

The organization has also taken up sponsorship of all children at all levels of education to enlighten them as education is believed to be the key to success. Over 98 children have benefited from this program.

Still under this many schools with children from poor families have been provided with scholastic materials like books, pens sets, pencils etc.

Music is the core value instilled in children. Brass Band music is brought to children on daily practice. Over 100 children train music at the Organization, perform on functions around the country and this has boasted their self esteem, promoted team work and a sense of brotherhood and belonging to the abandoned and street children.

Games and sports like football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, tenis, dram, poetry ,talent competition are organized at least every year to make the children realize their talents and capabilities that may cause a positive change in their lives and become admirable people in society.

Not forgetting the vocational skill programs. Delight Foundation Africa aims at extending skills like Art and Craft, Tailoring, Computer skills, Carpentry and Mechanics to arrest the major problem of poverty in society.

The community has benefited from sensitization and training that the Origination carries out which involves sensitization on crucial issues like Rights of children, Responsibilities of both parents and children, prevention of HIV/AIDS among others.

DELIGHT FOUNDATION AFRICA in its 2020 resolutions is looking forward to acquiring land through the fundraising strategy, which has greatly slowed down the rates at which its objectives are being met. It is also looks forward to collaborate with many other local and international bodies and individuals to help it reach its mission