Take Action

1 - Advocate for Children

What is Advocacy?
Advocacy is the act of supporting a cause to produce a desired change. Delight Foundation
Africa we advocate because we feel strongly about child protection. One target of advocacy is government policy. You can influence government policy worldwide through effective
communication with the U.N., elected officials, the media and other influential leaders.

What can you do?
☼ Contact the UN, www.un.org, and view their child protection policies. 
☼ Work closely with DFA Foundation and the Ugandan media.

Advocacy Techniques
Poor and vulnerable children around the world cannot lobby for themselves. We need advocates to support child protection, education, nutrition and health programs.

General Techniques for Effective Advocacy

 State your name and share other information about who you are if it is relevant to the issue—a parent, DFA supporter, a partner organization, etc.
 Clearly describe the issue and state your goals.
 The best thing you can do as an advocate is to make your issue personal; use relevant examples and speak in your own words.
 Be confident in your approach. You probably know more about the issue than the person you’re talking to. 
 Be polite under all circumstances. Always assume that the person to whom you are speaking is open to reason and discussion. If you are rude, your message will be ignored.
 Be brief. Communication that focuses strongly on one argument is the most effective. Stick to one issue. If you write limit the letter to one page.                                                                                     Communicate your message when it is immediately relevant.
 Use accurate facts and statistics to back up your argument.


You can also make your donation

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2 - Become a Fundraiser

 Do your own outreach to any organization to which you belong. You can fundraise on your own, with your family, friends or with a group.
 Help your child organize an event at school that will benefit DFA-Uganda.
 Put on a fundraiser at your college.

Fundraising Planning Suggestions

1. Determine your event and identify your audience:
 Think about which people you want to reach or involve.
 Choose an activity that reflects that group’s interests. 
 Make sure that you are in compliance with state/city regulations.
 Determine a site, date, number of desired attendees, and what you hope to achieve.
2. Contact The Foundation
Tell us what you would like to do. We will be able to help you coordinate your event or connect you with other supporters, if you want to expand the scope of your function.
3. Plan Revenue and Expenses Establish a realistic fundraising goal. Identify all anticipated expenses and possible sources of
contributions that can help you reduce expenses.
4. Publicize and Promote Your Event:
 Network with friends, family and colleagues to gain their support and participation.
 Contact your local newspaper and radio station. 
 Write an attention-grabbing press release.
 Use social networking sites to send out information on the event.
 Encourage people to donate to the fundraiser if they can’t attend the event.                               5. After Your Fundraiser
 Hold a meeting of the event production crew to determine what to do next time.
 Submit all contributions to DFA-Uganda.
 Work with our Foundation to make sure everyone gets a thank you note.

Fundraising Guidelines

 Events that conflict in any way without mission or other program priorities are not acceptable.
 Fundraisers need to secure their own necessary insurance and permits.
 Fundraisers must obtain necessary permissions and authorization to host the fundraiser in your
chosen location.
 Charitable fundraising is a regulated activity in many states. You are responsible for ensuring
that you are in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. 
 Be sure to state accurately, that the event is benefiting DFA-Uganda, and what percentage of
sales or admission price will go to Delight Foundation Africa.

 Get prior written approval to use DFA-Uganda’s name and logo in any publicity or promotional
 Organize a plan for collecting contributions at the event. Delight Foundation is able to accept
checks, money orders or credit card contributions. Checks and money orders should be made
payable to Delight Foundation Africa.

Fundraising Ideas

No idea is too small; throw an auction, have a house party, collect bottle caps. Raise money or awareness or both. Here are some helpful sites to get you started.






3 - Volunteer

Who Can Volunteer?
Our volunteer program is open to anyone with a sense of compassion, a desire to spend time around children, and a modicum of humour. We welcome individuals and couples of all ages, plus families with teenage children. Participants should be healthy for travel, and tolerant of less than
stellar living conditions and amenities. We prefer that you have a skill or a focus but no experience is necessary. Volunteer opportunities can be organized for community, school, or corporate groups.

Help Orphans and Underprivileged Children:
Volunteers give assistance, care and comfort to orphans and vulnerable children living in an orphanage. Volunteers provide  children with  adult attention they crave and deserve; teaching them languages, computer skills, games, music, etc.

Creative Recycling:
This social enterprise project collects plastic trash from the streets and transforms it into stylish and fashionable bags. It welcomes volunteers with a background in IT and design education, photography, business or social sciences.

Art and Craft
Do you have a talent in Art and craft which you would like to share with our children at the centre and improve on the quality of our products to meet quality market standards.


Do you have musical talent that you would like to share with our children? We are looking for volunteers to help teach music to underprivileged children. You can bring comfort and joy to our children through music and help them improve on their talent.

Are you interested in volunteering your nursing skills to those in need, then join us and help our children live a healthy life. We need volunteers to help in our clinic and treating the needy children and mothers from diseases like malaria, chickenpox etc and also help in teaching ways on how to
live healthy and prevention.

– Farming

-Skills for self reliance
For anyone interested in imparting necessary self reliable skills is open to volunteer, skills such as hair dressing , barbers, pottery, art work and catering skills.

Community outreach
Anyone interested in helping community outreach and policing is highly welcomed to our centre especially skills in sensitizing the community about gender based violence,  and creating awareness about  HIV/Aids and its dangers. 

-English teaching
-Visual arts
-Capacity building

4 - Development

For those who have a good and merciful heart to stand and develop Delight Foundation Africa you can choose to stand with us in the following needs since they are so urgent.
 Purchase Land for the organization which will be used for home construction, dormitories to accommodate both boys and girls ,vocational schools, for agriculture I e to grow food for feeding children, and playing grounds for sports for children .
 We also look forward to purchasing machines/tools for practical works e.g. sewing machines, hair dressing equipments, welding machines, Art and Craft equipments, Jewry materials, Plastic recycling materials and stand by generators.
 We also look forward to source/collect musical instruments which will be of help to music to children to avoid overcrowding of one instrument
 Purchase vehicle for transportation for project works and a Costa for brass band concerts, cultural troupe performances ,staff van for staff management, bicycles for children who study & come from very far and truck for Agricultural purpose.

5 - Other ways to Help

Stay Informed
 Follow the United Nations website, especially as it relates to children. www.un.org.
 Read blogs about Uganda
 The Daily Monitor, http://www.monitor.co.ug, is a useful daily paper

Spread the Word
 Join Friends Corner and engage with other Delight Foundation Africa supporters and friends.
 Call or write to our children and staff at the Foundation. We all love to hear from you.

Join Our Social Networks
Join the conversation with Delight Foundation Africa on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Share and Follow Us. You’ll get the latest news—both achievements and challenges, as we grow and include more children in our home and hearts.