Date: 09/26/2021 2:09 p.m.

Light To The Impoverished


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A History of DFA

The history of Delight Foundation Africa is traced way back from 2010, the time of its inception as a small group of youths. It begun with the collective ambitious and hopeful efforts of a few youths who opted to come together and change the society. It is because by that time the society had been filled with so much plight of given groups of people and among those comprised the big number of orphans ,the street children for various reasons, the disadvantaged and less privileged youths, the abandoned and homeless. Moreover the victim included the children below the age of eight years, those in the adolescent age of which both of those are critical stages. Because of the saying that “No animal cries without feeling pain” and that “A task only becomes a burden when others fail to do their part”, there was a thought that a stepping stone would be laid to provide a turning point for the less privileged, the seemingly miss outfits in society

It was therefore began with a donation of a few poor, rusty and used Brass Band instruments from a closing Organization and training Brass Band Music comprised the early stage of the Organization in 2010.

Among the suffering and bad life experiences that attacked the hearts of the founders included the homeless, hunger and starvation, subjection to prostitution, theft and robbery. Others were just hopeless and looked at suicide as their last resort.

For the start therefore, Brass Band music was locked as part of alleviations services to tackle the challenges faced by the under looked folks. Sensitization was therefore started and training music despite the inadequate and poor state of instruments and few performances would be done. This took time of those children and youth which would otherwise be spent in committing juvenile differences, thinking of committing suicide and also give a sense of belonging in the society and other ultimately intended results.

Although social realities are very big in East Africa and Africa in general. It was locked at society level because of the limitedness of resources. Music only was not the only issue looked issues like school sponsorship, rehabilitation and resettlement, vocational training and accommodation of the homeless were looked at as long term objectives.

To own it all, the few founders had heartfelt teal and love for the seemingly misfortunate people to give them a sense of belonging, reclaim them and revive their hopes.

From the year 2012, it was organized, registered and started operating as a community based organization “Delight Youth Brass Band” and in the year 2016,it became registered as Delight Foundation Africa but still as a Community Based Organization

However in 2019 fortunately, It was transformed into Non-Governmental Organization registered and recognized by the government of Uganda because of its wider vision and objectives and intended wider coverage