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The Role of Education
The role of education is particularly important, especially in Uganda. An education assists children to break the cycle of ignorance and poverty, and helps them to find their passion, discover their voices, and gain self-confidence. At Foundation, our primary objective is to secure a formal education for all of our vulnerable children. 

Schools in Uganda
Uganda has three different standards of schools: First Class, Second Class, and Third Class. As one might expect, the quality and cost of the schools vary greatly, depending on the class. Most of our children are in Third Class schools, but we have chosen the best of those for our kids.
However, even though they are getting a decent education, the goal is to get as many as possible into the Second Class schools. Some sponsors choose to send their child to a boarding school.
Levels of education include kindergarten, primary level, secondary level, and either vocational or university levels. 
Each academic term, in both primary and secondary schools, is three to four months long. An academic year consists of three terms. Classes run from Monday to Friday, although some students attend classes on Saturday as well.

Choose the Type of School
Choose whether you would like to cover the cost of a government school 3 or government school 2, and whether you want to sponsor a child in primary or secondary grades. Contact us directly if you would like to sponsor a child in a private school. Private schools vary—they can be boarding
schools, or have selective admissions policies, and of course have differing price structures.
Contact us as well if you are interested in sponsoring a child in vocational school or in a university.

Length of Sponsorship
Ideally, a sponsor will pay school fees for a child until he/she has completed their secondary (high school) education. However, because sponsors may not be able to make a lengthy commitment, we ask that you sponsor a child for a minimum of two years.

Group Sponsorship
We encourage church and school groups to sponsor our children, but there should be one correspondent who will be in charge of the communications to receive letters, etc.

Partial Tuition
If you cannot afford to pay tuition for a complete year for a child, we ask that you donate as much as you can, and we will put the donation into our general education fund. Your donation and those of other donors will be pooled to send as many children to school as possible.

Benefits of Sponsorship
Our children love going to school. In addition to the education, it gives them entry into an esteemed group of children, which in turn gains them respect from their friends and the community. Sponsors reap rewards from this experience, too. They receive reports of the child’s progress,
letters and photos from the child, and heartfelt thanks from all of us. You may also arrange to communicate with your sponsored child through Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Choosing a Child for Sponsorship
Each sponsor knows their heart, and Delight Foundation does not care what your reasons are for choosing a child. Here are a few suggestions:
 Choose by age
 Choose by cause: orphaned child, affected by HIV/AIDS, with higher risk of exploitation or abuse; we can discuss these issues with you once you have shown interest in a particular child
 Pick a child who has been waiting a long time for a sponsor
 If you like, the Foundation will assist you in choosing the child who will benefit the most from your donation

Once Sponsorship Is Established

Evaluation and Monitoring
The Foundation has a well-planned strategy of involvement. The Foundation staff makes
frequent school visits, for the purposes of monitoring and evaluating children’s class performance, their conduct, participation in extracurricular activities, and listening to
assessments by the class teachers.

Communication Policy Guidelines
We request that each sponsor write a letter to their child or children at least twice a year. Letters encourage the children to read more, make a strong connection between the sponsor and child, and strengthen the relationship. It also demonstrates love towards the children, and heightens their self-esteem.
We will assist each sponsored child to write and send photos and drawings to their sponsor
during each academic term. Our Education Administrator will see that each sponsor receives academic reports for each term. 
We are working to offer the opportunity of using Facebook messenger to communicate with your child with the help of the Education and Sponsorship Officer.
Sponsors who get an opportunity to come to Uganda should also visit their children.
Sponsors may not contact their child out of Foundation’s realm. If there are any negative
consequences resulting from this out-of-bounds correspondence, Delight Foundation cannot be responsible. Many of these children have nothing, and so there is a tendency of some children make demands on their sponsors besides the tuition fees they are paying. There are also hackers who can break
into the account of a child on social media, pretend falsely to be the sponsored child, and get money from the unsuspecting donor. 
For these and other reasons, Delight Foundation Africa must be involved in all correspondence.
Every letter written to a child will be read first before it is handed over to the child. We have a
responsibility to protect the children and our donors.

Fees/Tuition Structure

Primary Level Fees Structure.
In Primary level, a child is required to pay 118000 Ugandan shillings per term which is 35 dollars.
In Uganda we have 3 terms every year for a child to go to the next class or level. Therefore a child is required to pay 354000 Ugandan shillings which is 105 dollars for 3 terms. We have 7 years for primary level and 3 terms every year.

Secondary Level Fess Structure.
In secondary level, a child is required to pay 250000 Ugandan shillings per Term which is 71 dollars.
We also have 3 terms every year for a child to go to the next class or level. Therefore a child is required to pay 750000 Ugandan shillings which is 216 dollars for 3 terms. The secondary level has 6 years and 3 terms every year.

University Tuition Structures
A university is a higher institution that a student goes to after 7 years of primary level,6 years of secondary then he or she decides on the course they will offer or do. We have different courses which go in for different years for example a Doctor goes in for 5 years and Lawyer goes for 5 years and there are courses of 2 and 3 years.
A student is required to pay tuition of 2 Ugandan shillings which is 600 dollars per semester. We have 2 Semesters every year, Therefore the student is required to pay 4 million Ugandan shillings per year.
There in order for a student to get done with school they must pay tuition according to the years the course takes.

Child Protection Policy

As the Foundation we strive to ensure the rights of all youth. Foundation’s comprehensive Child Protection Policy promotes safety for all children. Our inclusive policies ensure that we live our
words every day. Foundation does rigorous background checks of staff and volunteers. Each signs a comprehensive contract. Frequent meetings with experts in child protection rights guarantee that
effective standards are met. A warden or matron sleeps in each dormitory, and a security guard patrols nightly.
We are strong proponents of children’s rights and speak against discrimination, abuse, and violence against children. Mbale can be a brutal place. The Foundation works with parents, schools, the police, and the community to foster acceptance. Foundation places frequent radio messages against child abuse to inform the public. University professors, social workers and professionals speak to us about combating issues of intolerance and how to implement smart
In the event of a situation, we take immediate action, working closely with the authorities and the community. When we learned a street child was being beaten, we hastened to bring the youngster to Foundation, contacted the authorities, and enlisted the help of a trauma counselor.

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