Date: 09/26/2021 11:48 a.m.

Light To The Impoverished


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The foundation plans to secure its own land, make the necessary construction and preparations on the land and finally vacate the rentals which have become a great liability to the organization. The children will therefore have a permanent home which can be expanded whenever need arises, grow their own food and have a healthier environment.

  1. Rehabilitate and Reunite

    To rehabilitate and reunite as many street children as possible with their families. The organization intends to reconcile the street children who want to return home to their families or relatives, it shall facilitate the process together with intensive guidance and counseling.

    To establish a well built home for the children at the foundation. This will follow the acquisition of land and through the fundraising by delight foundation and the well wishers, a dormitory and performance hall, a farm land and school project will commence.

    It also hopes to reclaim as many street children as possible especially through the inspirational outreach programs like music. It is intended to provide them with a family to belong to.

  2. Provide education for children

    To provide formal education to the destitute children at the foundation. Delight foundation also plans to continue looking out for sponsors, make fundraising’s through performances, peer to peer exchange programs and lobby for school bursaries to provide school fees and scholastic materials to the children.

  3. To provide medical care for the children

    Through partnering with individuals and organization donors and sponsors, the foundation hopes to build a sick bay, hire a nurse and also provide the necessary medical requirements to ensure the health of the children. To properly feed the children at the foundation, the organization hopes to carry out mixed farming to ensure that the children are provided with foods of various food values for a healthier growth

  4. Sourcing Equipments for vocational skills

    Delight foundation Africa plans to mobilize resources for acquisition of equipments for vocational skills training. Such equipment include computers, hair dressing tools, tailoring machines and jewelry materials

    It also hopes to train its committed staff in fields like human rights, guidance and counseling, child protection, management skills, information technology life skills development among others.