Date: 09/26/2021 12:51 p.m.

Light To The Impoverished


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    Delight foundation Africa can grow and develop as a result of your tender and develop charitable spirit. Support the foundation to enable it reclaim as many lives of vulnerable orphans and street children as possible. You can stand with the foundation in the following burdensome needs to help it grow and develop.

    Help the organization to purchase land on which many constructions and developments will be done such as a permanent broad home, with dormitories for both boys and girls, agriculture, playing grounds, school among other necessary developments.

    Help solicit for more musical instruments which are currently so inadequate. It will help every child to at least acquire an instrument for practice and performance.

    The organization is stained in purchasing machines for vocational skills / practical works such as sewing machines, hair dressing machines, art and craft and jewelry materials, welding and plastic recycling materials stand by generators among others. You can offer a helping hand

    We would also like to acquire a vehicle for transportation and facilitation of project works, a costa or van for brass band and cultural troupe concerts and performances, staff van for staff management, a truck to facilitate agriculture and bicycles for children who come and study from very far places.

    Thank you for standing together with Delight foundation Africa. Your tender heart deserves a blessing and more.