Date: 09/26/2021 12:58 p.m.

Light To The Impoverished


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    Another way to take action and help the suffering children via Delight foundation Africa is to become a fundraiser. Reach out to either yourself, family, friends, or any organization to which you either or don’t belong. You can put a fundraiser at your college or even help your child organize an event at school in the interest of fundraising for the children of Delight foundation Africa.

    You can plan for the fundraising with the following;

    1. Determining your event and identifying your audience. Think about which people you want to involve and choose an activity according to the group interest.

      Ensure that you comply with the state rules and regulations Determine the site, date, number of desired attendees and what you hope to achieve.

    2. Contact the foundation. Inform us on what you intend to do. We shall be able to help you coordinate your event or connect you with other supporters in case you wise to expand the scope of your function.

    3. Establish a realistic fundraising goal. Plan all revenues and expenses. Identify all the expected expenses and the possible source of contribution that can help you reduce on the expenses.

    4. Publicize, advertise and promote your event. Network with friends, family and colleagues to gain their support and participation. Contact your local media, newspaper and radio station. Write an attention grabbing press release. Use social networking platforms to send out information on the event. Encourage people to donate to the fundraiser in case they attend the event.