Date: 09/26/2021 12:43 p.m.

Light To The Impoverished


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    In volunteering, you freely come out to support a particular program or activity at Delight foundation Africa. Our volunteer program is non segregative what so ever, be it age, party, race among others.

    We warmly welcome with open arms any person with a sense of compassion, humor and the love to spend time with the children. The volunteer can be individual, couple or family with teenage children.

    You should be healthy for travel and able to tolerate average living conditions and amenities

    We welcome any person with a focus or skill even without experience. Volunteer opportunities can be organized at community, school or corporate group level.

    Here are some of the fields in which you can volunteer to help the orphans and under privileged children

    Volunteers can offer care, assistance, love and comfort to the hopeless orphans and vulnerable children. You can give them the attention which they yearn for, love and affection and teach them new things like languages, games, computer etc

    Delight foundation Africa welcomes volunteers with musical talents and would like to share them with the needy children. Help the vulnerable children by teaching them music. It brings comfort and joy in their lives. It also improves their talent.

    Volunteers with Art and craft skills and would like to share them with the children at the foundation are welcome. It will improve on the quality of products and also give new skills to the children.

    Creative recycling, a social enterprise project involves collection of used plastic materials and transforming them into brand new matter such as musical instruments, fashionable bags.

    Volunteers with information technology and design skills, photography, business or social sciences are all welcomed

    You are also free to volunteer in the practical self-reliance skills like catering, farming, carpentry, hair dressing, art works, and barbers among others. Help transform the vulnerable children into job maker citizens.

    Anyone interested in supporting community outreach and policing is highly welcomed at Delight foundation Africa. Share with us your skills in community sensitization about gender based violence and creation of awareness about HIV/AIDS and its negative impacts.

    The organization calls upon volunteers with nursing skills and willing to share them to reach out to the vulnerable children at the foundation. Join us and help in our clinic help treat the needy children and poor mothers from serious diseases like malaria, equip them with the knowledge of prevention and cure. This will help them live a healthier life

    You can also volunteer in entrepreneurship capacity building, sports, teaching languages etc. you are welcome.