Date: 09/26/2021 12:28 p.m.

Light To The Impoverished


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Welcome Message DFA


A warm welcome to our site and thanks for choosing to become part of our Community, Congratulations on behalf of all members of DELIGHT FOUNDATION AFRICA. We are really honored and privileged to have you here as part of our growing team

We would like to introduce to you our organization, DELIGHT FOUNDATION AFRICA whose members have the strongest passion and positivity towards the marginalized children and youth in Africa, the ones who seem to be cheated by life, the ones pressed against the wall, whose survival is based on the saying “To whom it may concern”.

Through our site, you will get to know about our organization our mission and how far we have gone about it and what is expected in the near future.

Is also provides ways on how children and youths who are between life and death conditions can be assured of their living.

I was personally touched by unbearable and tormenting situations that these innocent helpless children face. The orphans, destitute, street children, disadvantaged, the poorest of the poor. And I felt they would also love to be like me or you and therefore deserves a helping hand to offer them hope.

I hope that you will be inspired and touched just like the rest of us. Please continue reading about our site, follow us on Facebook, like our pages and comment, subscribe to our YouTube channels and like our videos

Read more about DELIGHT FOUNDATION AFRICA, find more about the organization and the children of Africa and many more information that would be of great importance.

It is a pleasure having you part of our team once again and having you here with us is really a great Honor.