Date: 09/26/2021 2:09 p.m.

Light To The Impoverished


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In the fight against despair, destitute, and homelessness, Delight foundation Africa came up with a number of activities aimed at boosting the self-esteem of the disillusioned vulnerable orphans, the poor and the street children. The activities are also meant to build the physical strength and also contribute towards the general health of the children.

  1. Music

    On the forefront of the activities is music which is a major activity and the heart of the foundation. This music is in the form of Brass Band training and performances, cultural dances, drama, singing and acrobatics and most of the children at the foundation are involved.

    The foundation believes that music can bring back to life the despairing, inspire the self-doubting, promote team work and discipline and above all promote talent and something to belong to for the hopeless children and youths.

    While performing at functions in the community, the brass band matches on the streets thereby inspiring other street children to follow the crowd and consequently joining the foundation because of their love for music.

  2. Games and sports

    Following music is the games and sports activity where similarly most if not all the children and youths at the foundation are participants.

    Among the games and sports include football, volleyball, sack racing, bottle feeling, pulling ropes, poetry, and quiz competition among others. These activities are meant to build the children intellectually, physically, keep them lively and create a strong relationship between the foundation itself and the children. It as well develops the children’s talents and helps them refresh their mind.

  3. Art and craft

    The other activity is that of Art and Craft which involves beautiful creations like weaving baskets and bags, making simple wallets, burgles and other jewelry. Children also make other art pieces which are sold out to the community.

    The foundation also aims at producing traditional dance costumes for both children and adults to sell them out to schools, cultural troupes, the community and visitors at the fundraising concerts organized.

    The foundation however receives setbacks in executing these activities at the home especially in music and art and crafts due to financial conditions, the materials like brass band instruments, and cloth pieces, tailoring machines are too expensive to purchase hence slowing down their implementation.

    Despite the above stress, the foundation still believes that the vulnerable children can be liberated in various ways through the activities.