At Delight Foundation Africa, we believe that music can bring a great impact in the children’s lives. It attracts, rescues, and nurtures them. Music instills discipline and promotes teamwork, giving our children something to belong to. Almost all take part in the performing programs—the Brass Band, Cultural Dance, Drama, singing and Acrobatics. Our music programs touch everything we do. When our band matches in the roads, going to nearby venues, crowds of children follow them. Sometimes street children see our obvious joy, and ask to join the Foundation—our answer is most often yes. Another exhilarating activity is cultural dance and drumming. Bright costumes, authentic, perfectly executed dances, and rhythmic music conspire to have the audience dancing in their seats. It’s quite a spectacle—be sure to see our residents perform if you are visiting.

Games and Sports

The Foundation encourages children to participate in different sports and games in order to develop their talents, team spirit, improve their self-image and for recreation purposes. Annual games are played within the projects to create strong relationships among all the children of the three projects.


Art and Craft

Children produce beautiful cards, jewelry, art pieces, baskets, and small wallets and bags. We exhibit and sell our work at craft exhibition. Delight Foundation sets up a crafts table at all musical concerts that we organize. We request the opportunity to sell crafts at all invitational brass band and cultural performances Delight Foundation also designs and sells costumes, for both children and adults, for drama and cultural dance performances. These costumes are sold to cultural troupes/groups, schools, residents in the community, and visitors from several countries at fundraising concerts.