Date: 09/26/2021 12:30 p.m.

Light To The Impoverished


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To be able to successfully reach its mission, Delight foundation Africa put up a number of programs to help the vulnerable children in the community and the whole country, Uganda at large.

First and foremost is the rehabilitation program where orphans, neglected and street children are brought together and involved in a number of things to enable them socialize normally. Among these things include teaching them the basics of life like literacy lessons, agriculture, mathematics, Drama, HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and care among other life skills. The curriculum in this program is mostly child centered; the children are actively involved in the program and are carried out at least annually.

  1. Psychosocial care and support/counseling

    This is another program under taken by the foundation. In the program, counseling is extended to the children to help them cope up with the situation in the society and world today especially the adolescents. The children are concealed both individually and in groups almost daily.

    It’s also extended further to families in community especially the ones facing hardships, the foundation offers counseling to these families. This has promoted optimism among the beneficiaries of this program.

    Many people in the community have benefited from the community sensitization and training program that the foundation has put up. This program involves workshops and trainings focusing on crucial social issues like rights of children, responsibilities of both parents and children, sensitization and prevention of HIV/AIDS and STI, the role of the community in child development among other social issues. This is directly in line with the mission of the foundation of protecting the rights of the children and giving them a healthy life in society.

  2. Reconciliation and reintegration (resettlement)

    Among the most important tasks the foundation aims at tackling are those in the reconciliation and resettlement program where street children are reconciled with their families and relatives. This is through tracing their places of origin, asking for their reasons for being on the streets and convincing them to reunite with their relatives.

    Not only that, they are also facilitated with basic materials like mattresses, blankets, or even a goat to enable them sustain their living depending on the economic status of the organization that time.

  3. Vocational training skills

    Delight foundation Africa also aims at providing skills through vocational training to enable produce citizens that are job makers yet from the neglected groups of children. The vocational fields include tailoring and computer skills in such a digitalizing world, mechanics, carpentry, art and craft, industrial works, barbering among others. Although this program is strained by inadequate funds, the foundation hopes to carry it on as soon as resources become available because it believes these skills will help reduce poverty

  4. Networking and public relations

    In the Networking and public relations program, Delight foundation Africa has done its best to ensure that it collaborates with other agencies to help promote the life of the less privileged youths and children. Such agencies include The Aids Support Organization [TASO], NGO Forum, Police Family and Child Protection Unit.

    The foundation however hopes to make many more other relations both local and international, with both individuals and organizations to collectively reach the intended objectives.

  5. Community outreach program

    Another program that cannot be left out is the community outreach program which looks at providing services like health care for the vulnerable children especially in the adolescent stage. These children are in most cases abused by their peers surprisingly even by the shameless elders. The foundation therefore teaches them basic hygiene, sex education, HIV prevention, Drug abuse and its dangers among others.

    Provision of health facilities like mosquito nets, bathing materials is made. It also looks at providing services like family planning and immunization to poor families with a mobile clinic. This program is intended to reduce death rates and improve the general health of the community.

    The foundation also cleans the community as part of its outreach programs. The targeted areas are the slums with the poorest sanitation, poor drainage systems, a lot of garbage and others. These are reached out to through sweeping, picking and burning of rubbish and mass sensitization on the need for general sanitation. This is further intended to defend such areas against diseases such as cholera, malaria, dysentery etc.

    he foundation hopes to reach out to at least a dozen communities annually. Last but no least is the reaching out to the needy families providing them with basic needs like food, clothing, and soap among others. This is because most of the families are with an extended system yet poor. With a few donations from various individual supporters and local authorities, the foundation is able to make such donations to such families.

    Delight foundation Africa hopes to do more than what is written to help the unprivileged children and families call the world a better place to live.