Orphans and Children from the streets are enlisted in the rehabilitation program which runs for one year. Its curriculum is child-centered and aims at interesting the child in learning. The children are taught the following; Literacy lessons, Reproductive sexual health, Life skills, Math, Art, English, Science, Agriculture, games, Sports, Music, drama and HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and care. After the program the child can join either formal school or vocational training.

Psycho-social Care & Support (Counseling).

Counseling is a core activity of the project. The children are provided with psycho-social care and support to help them cope and survive within their environment. Individual, Group, peer and Family counseling, are carried out on a regular basis.

Community Sensitization and Training

Delight Foundation organizes   Training Workshops for the Community in Mbale, and neighboring communities. The trainings focus mainly on; Child Rights and Responsibilities, Women Rights ,Good Parenting habits and Responsibilities, Sensitization and Prevention of HIV/AIDS/STI, Community role in children’s rights.

Reconciliation & Reintegration (Resettlement). 

The families of children found on the streets are traced and children are enabled to resettle within their family extended systems. School going children are placed in schools nearest to their homes. Other children are resettled with vital items like mattresses, blankets, or a goat for an income generating project, depending on the prevailing situation in the home.

Vocational Training Skills

As Delight Foundation Africa we aim at Impacting the children with vocational skills such as carpentry, Mechanics, Catering, Cobbling, Barbering, Art and Craft, Tailoring and Computer skills. This is a prime requirement for the reduction of poverty and hope for better future. Unfortunately there are no enough appropriate opportunities for youths and children to learn vocational skills due to shortage of enough funds and machines.

Networking and public relations

Over the years DFA-Uganda has fostered relationships with different agencies, both at district, national and international levels with whom it collaborates to improve the welfare of unprivileged children and their families. Some of these agencies include; Program for Labor Action, District Government departments, The AIDS Support Organization (TASO), NGO Forum, Police Family and Child Protection Unit. Delight Foundation Africa is hoping to increase in relationship with both Local and International agencies with similar objectives

Outreach Program

Health Care.

Many of the orphans and children who run to the streets are in their adolescence. Given the dire circumstances in which they live, they are exposed to sexual abuse and are in need of reproductive health services. All children are taught about basic hygiene, sex education, drug abuse, and HIV prevention. DFA-Uganda works with youths who provide counseling services to them. Mosquito nets are provided to residents to prevent malaria infections. Bathing facilities are made available for children who are still on the streets. All children are taught proper maintenance and use of pit latrines, and the importance of boiling water for drinking. Delight Foundation also provides family planning and immunization to the poor families. A mobile clinic is held 2-3 times in the month in slums of Mbale. This program has greatly reduced on child mortality rate and improved the health of mothers in the community.

Family Resettlements

Reintegrating street children into families and the community is the most powerful and sustainable way of supporting them. Tracing the families and resettling the children is done throughout the year. At times, the families do not want to take the children back. This makes the resettlement very difficult. In other cases, the conditions of the home are not by far adequate; this can also hinder a child's resettlement. However, if none of these problems occur, the child is put back into the home. Before coming back, both children and families are counseled and prepared for reconciliation and reunion. The children are supposed to be resettled with a package including books, blankets, a mattress and a mosquito net. At times it is too challenging to give children packages due to shortage of funds.



DFA-Uganda carries out community outreach programs. We reach the slum areas and the dirtiest places around our communities, we swept, picke garbage, burn rubbish, clear drainage lines, and sensitize the communities on how to keep the environment clean and the dangers of poor sanitation in the communities In most slum areas in our communities, poor sanitation is a big challenge. This has brought about diseases like cholera, diarrhea, malaria and many others, which has left many young children affected. As DFA-Uganda we base on that to reach out to more than 2000 homes through this community program.


Delight Foundation Africa with support from donors, local authorities and Organizations reaches out to over 530 needy families within the communities, to be able to donate a few basic needs to the needy families. In the communities, most of the elderly people especially the grandmothers have taken up the responsibilities to stay with their grandchildren who have been abandoned, rejected by their parents due to multiple relationships and polygamous marriages. Many parents have engaged in multiple marriages and ended up producing many children which later become a burden in terms of caring and providing for their basic needs forcing them to send these children to the grandparents (mothers). “To revive hopes of the unprivileged, at-risk and disadvantaged children through music, education, sports, vocational skills, providing them with a home, protection and instilling hope to create reliable and a self-sustaining citizen”, being our mission statement, we decide to also register the children of those families we visit through this program into the organization.